Beginners Guide To Online Poker

Online Poker and Real Poker


Good news for all you poker players who want a beginners guide to online poker – you don't need it! Well, not in the way that you think you do. Online poker has become an entity in and of itself over the last 10 years, and many consider it to be a different game from traditional poker – but here's the good news – poker is poker, be it in online, offline, underline, or left-line. Therefore, the first thing to know in a beginners guide to online poker is that, it's not so different to the live-game. You will still have seat positions, chips, cards; you will still need skill to triumph over your fellow players, and you still need to read their bets as you would if you were sat right opposite from them.


Poker is Poker


Poker is in fact one of the easiest games to have made the transition into the virtual world, and the mechanics of game play remain exactly the same. For those who require a beginners guide to online poker, those mechanics are this: from a deck of 52 cards you are dealt a hand, you bet on how that hand might stand against your opponent's hands. All of the physical details of these mechanics are represented in graphic form on the screen and in some cases, so strongly represent the real thing that you will think you're watching a video, rather than graphics. As with a land based game, you have the option with online poker to sit out hands, to chat with your fellow players, to use your tactics and methods, as usual.


Where does Online Poker differ


A beginners guide to online poker wouldn't be doing its job if it didn't admit that there are difference between online play and real play. If you are a veteran poker player, but have never played online, you will notice some differences that you must get used to. The first big difference you will notice is simply the operation of the site. You will have to sign up with the casino, and organize uploading of funds into you online casino account. Most sites will provide a beginners guide to online poker bonuses and payments which will help you with this. You will then have to learn how to navigate the site. This is usually made as easy as possible, as the casino has no interest in loosing its customers. You will usually see tabs on the homepage of the site that will take you to casino rooms; one of these will be a poker room. Again a beginners guide to online poker play will be available on the site to help you get started. In terms of actual play, once you have gotten used to the location of the buttons, and all their functions, there are only 2 real differences that you will notice in online poker play. First of all, you can't see your opponents, and therefore you will have to learn to read bets and chat messages rather than faces. Secondly, online casino play is across the board faster than land-based play; the new tempo can take a little getting used to.


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